6 O’ Clock Tales Coasters


Remember those days when you would play out in the open, and 6 o’ clock was the curfew? Your mother would set a cup of hot milk in front of you and you would go back to the school books. How simple were those days! Now in your work ridden days, a coca cola during the break seems like a luxury! The chime of the 6 o’ clock bell signifies the end of a work day! Such 6 O, Clocks will always be special! These tableware sets are made mdf wood and have a lacquer coating that makes them waterproof.

Buy one coaster for Rs 100, or order a set of 6 for Rs 550.


Coasters- 3.75 x 3.75 inches

Trivets-7.5×7.5 inches

Place mats-11.5×17.5 inches


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